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Our priority: players security

You can deposit money safely on DUEL5 Casino !

All bank transfers from and to DUEL5 Casino pass via a secure line.

All financial transactions at DUEL5 Casino use SCMP, a secure and authenticating message protocol based on Industry Standard DES, and public key cryptography from RSA.

Money transfers between DUEL5 Casino and your bank are secured by a private network and the personal information of each player is encrypted to prevent alteration or tampering.

We routinely make security checks.

Your personal details are strictly private and confidential.

  • DUEL5 Casino guarantees that all customer information is confidential and private.
  • Personal information will not be disclosed to anyone other than the casino and the customer.
  • We commit to never give out any information neither relative to our players, nor on their bets or bids. They remain confidential.
  • A player may ask for all information relative to his account and is always allowed access to the above.

Game security: Collusion
Our security team will monitor any collusion between players with a highly efficient anti-fraud system, which analyses players activity and behavior during games.

Collusion is illegal.

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